Perhaps more than ever, companies today must work to identify and leverage ways to retain loyal customers. One of the biggest opportunities to provide stellar customer experience is technical support. When faced with a broken device or instructions that don’t make sense, customers understandably want clear, quick solutions. But when tech support falls short, it can have a snowball effect that impacts customer experience, contact center volume, retention rates, revenue, costs and more.

For these reasons, businesses have discovered the benefits of outsourcing technical support, which includes:

  • lower operating and workforce costs
  • increased focus on core competencies and productivity
  • greater employee satisfaction
  • access to industry talent and resources
  • improved customer experience to help build stronger customer relationships

Perhaps the biggest advantage of outsourcing overall business processes is that it allows your team to perform core functions with more efficiency and focus, which increases productivity and employee satisfaction (read more about the link between employee engagement customer satisfaction here).

 But outsourcing tech support specifically can have a direct – positive – impact on customer experience. The less time employees focus on solving tech issues, the more time they can help in other areas of the business, including improved customer interactions elsewhere. What’s more, seamless, efficient and friendly tech support fosters customer loyalty. The benefits of outsourcing technical support are clear.

 Optimum Outsourcing
At OptimumCX, we understand your business’ unique IT needs. We know technical support contacts are more likely escalated and require specific agent knowledge, including both hard and soft skills. For this reason, we train agents as extensions of your business and brand, ensuring seamless customer experience that builds loyalty by solving problems efficiently and effectively.

OptimumCX works alongside you as a business partner, which means we help identify areas of improvement and implement cost-saving and value-added services to ensure you have control and comfort in your outsourcing solutions. Through innovative troubleshooting processes, we provide a superior customer experience while ensuring consistency with every customer interaction.

OptimumCX offers a broad range of outsourced and managed services to meet your technical support needs:

  • Consumer Support: assists your end-users in the use of high-tech products like software, hardware and electronics.
  • Business Support: work with your corporate customers employing business-grade software and hardware solutions.
  • Customized Internal and External Support: OptimumCX can serve as your company’s virtual Help Desk to assist employees or partners with their IT needs, including installation, handling of incidents and user support.

OptimumCX is also PCI Compliant and offers technology in a fully redundant environment designed with back-up, recovery and business continuity as a priority. You can be confident your customers will receive support without interruptions.

Whether you need single or multi-tiered technical support for computers, mobile phones, software products or other electronics, you can depend on OptimumCX. We provide technical support services to some of the world’s most successful technology and communications companies and have helped grow revenues in significant and measurable ways. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of optimum outsourcing solutions.