Businesses sometimes think they are too small to benefit from outsourcing contact center activities when in fact, OptimumCX specializes in working with companies who often begin by outsourcing as few as 5 seats. There are many benefits to handing over contact center functions, including:

  • Not having to run an in-house contact center gives you the ability to focus on core business competencies, allowing you to realize faster growth and greater profits.
  • Outsourcing is often less expensive, as you save on staffing costs (including recruiting and on-gong trailing) and facilities, equipment and technology.
  • Contact center specialists like OptimumCX have years of experience that you can leverage to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If you think your business is too small to take advantage of benefits like these, read on to discover the truth behind commonly held myths regarding contact center outsourcing.

It’s Expensive
As mentioned above, setting up a call center requires major investments in staffing, facilities and more. OptimumCX makes these investments so clients pay only for the services they need. Furthermore, while it can often be difficult for in-house centers to measure profitability, we continuously re-invest in tools and expertise to measure per-call costs to help you effectively manage costs and measure profitability.

Another factor to consider in determining cost effectiveness is the price of increased customer satisfaction and experience. OptimumCX clients regularly see improvements in CSAT scores and other quality KPIs, which have been shown to directly impact the bottom line and future success.

We’ll Lose Insight into Our Customers
At OptimumCX, we focus on minimizing the stress associated with handing over the care of your most important asset – your customers. We understand you may be concerned that outsourcing will leave you and your team out of the loop and unable to make business critical decisions. At OptimumCX, we work alongside you, acting as an extension of your brand. Our clients have dedicated team leaders and agents who work to ensure processes run seamlessly.

An Outside Provider Won’t Understand Our Brand
The best contact center outsourcers will work diligently to learn everything about your business before they start doing work for you. In fact, OptimumCX has a detailed on-boarding process honed over decades of experience that includes immersion in a client’s business mission, products and services, culture and more.

In addition to learning your business, a provider also brings its years of contact center industry experience to the table. For example, OptimumCX provides clients with valuable insights and proven strategies for things like rewards programs and IT support.

I Won’t Know if It’s Working
A professional outsourcer understands the importance of collecting and analyzing contact center data to gain insights that improve clients’ processes. OptimumCX has robust analysis platforms that uncover useful insights from large amounts of raw data. We use this intelligence to provide detailed, personalized reports outlining how your business is doing across multiple key performance indicators (KPIs). This data is also a valuable source of information for making business processes improvements that increase customer experience and drive sales. Conversely, most in-house contact centers do not have access to this kind of technology, nor the knowledge to effective use big data to drive results.

If you’re ready to learn more about how outsourcing your contact center activities can benefit your small business – and squash the above myths – contact OptimumCX today.