Order Processing

Helping Your Business Run Smoothly

Every account-related call is your best opportunity to cement a long-term relationship: where your customer is fully invested in the conversation.

At Optimum CX, we understand that achieving an exceptional customer experience at every point in the customer journey is not just about what happens in the front office. Our order processing and back office solutions combine strong expertise in delivering business process transformation and collaboration with best-in-class platform providers to seamlessly integrate with your systems.

We create order processing and back office solutions by prioritizing accuracy, quality, flexibility, scalability and turn-around-time, while meeting the most stringent security standards.

Optimum CX provides:

  • Order Processing - Payment recording, dispute investigation, dispute settlement, bill generation, bill dispatch, transaction reconciliation, payment break-up plan.
  • Order Fulfillment - Promotion items and samples in single-piece orders to specific end-user consumers, or bulk shipments to events or dealers.
  • Claims Processing - Account creation, policy issuance, loan origination, payment calculation, risk assessment and processing.
  • Data Management & Processing - Document management and file processing.
  • Account Management - Account maintenance, account level modifications, account reconciliation.

Whether you have an existing order management system in place or not, we can help. Our team can customize a solution that best fits your business needs. Contact us to see how we can help your business grow.