Our Contact Center Strategy

Our Contact Center Strategy

We treat your customers better than they expect. In a world where consumers are used to contacting companies for service and support, they expect and are ready for the worst – annoying IVR’s, long wait times, apathetic employees and more – but wish for the best. What customers imagine - no wait times, talking with a real person who is friendly and truly wants to help, actually speaking to someone who understands them and knows what they are doing and likes what they do – often seems impossible to get. The problem today is that in the big call center world, the worst is often standard business operating procedure. By sheer volume and demand, large centers have to fill as many seats as possible, often with entry level staff to handle expert level problems.

At Optimum CX we do things differently.

Our exceptional employees plus cutting-edge technology added to world class care equals the Optimum CX experience.

As you investigate contact centers, you will find that Optimum CX is clearly different in three key areas: (use green check marks)

  • Customer Connections. Our focus is to build human relationships that lead to customer satisfaction, loyalty and a positive brand experience.
  • Client Collaboration. We are not a run-of-the-mill call center, where you can outsource your customer contact and forget about it. Our clients are our partners and see us as a seamless extension of their internal operation, working in tandem with their Optimum CX team. In return, they receive better quantitative customer analysis than other centers provide, plus a qualitative understanding of their customers that would be difficult to achieve anywhere else.
  • Contemporary Conversation. In a world where many people would rather type than talk, Optimum CX is committed to connect with your customer however they choose. Our experienced team of socially networked agents are uniquely equipped to pick up on subtle tone of voice or a nuance in a chat message -- and resolve the underlying issue with a level of empathy that translates into an exceptional experience, repeat sales and enthusiastic word-of-mouth.

Let’s talk about how your brand can get more – more expertise, more flexibility, more value and more results.