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At Optimum CX we understand that every customer contact is an opportunity to connect and build loyalty with your brand. It is in this connection that we have based our business on. We are 100% committed to providing each and every customer with an exceptional experience.

We know that thorough knowledge base and a helpful staff are just the bare minimum qualities to foster customer service and loyalty in today’s competitive market. It is what every customer expects at a minimum and deserves. We recognize that to deliver an exceptional customer experience companies must do more, much more.

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Our Business Mission

And so, our service philosophy is built on providing more. More timely, personal, solutions-driven and pleasantly surprising interactions over the phone, online, through text, mobile devices and social media. We help our clients engage their customers and bring value to their brand.

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Our Contact Center Strategy

The people talking to your customers should be people you’d like to talk to yourself. They have a spark you can sense even over the phone or on a chat conversation. Something different…you know they care.

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Helping you plan, build and manage your contact center operations with multi-channel service to support your customer’s complete journey

Technical Support

Tech support is a tough job. It involves more than just understanding a technology or market. It takes intelligence and insight to do it well.

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Service to Sales

Make every interaction count by taking a fresh approach to service and sales by aligning outlooks and committing to customer engagement.

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Customer Care

Customer care is not a department, it is a core philosophy to exceed expectations and deliver consistent customer experiences across all channels.

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Order Processing

If you see a billing inquiry as a “necessary evil,” think again. By systemizing a feedback process you can learn so much more.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Whether it’s improving first call resolution, decreasing call volume or reducing cycle times, we can help make your business processes and operations work better.

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Omni-Channel Support

Today companies must be diligent to ensure that their customers receive the same experience and message through different channels and devices involved with each interaction.

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Value & Results

Today’s economy demands that contact centers deliver the best customer experience – at the most attractive cost.

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Agility & Scalability

Our solutions continuously evolve to meet the changing demands of our clients and their customers.

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Customized Collaboration

When clients require a high level of expertise, Optimum CX delivers with quality programs and true partnerships to ensure transparent interaction and honest feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We took the first call from our Reno, Nevada facility in Spring of 1999. From then until now, we haven’t looked back. Starting with a small team of customer experience champions, we have kept our eye on the future and now Optimum CX has built a growing business around the knowledge that every customer contact is an opportunity to create memorable connections that build brand loyalty. More than a contact center, Optimum CX is a customer experience service center providing a full-range of omni-channel solutions including: Customer Relationship Management; Sales and Support Services; Account Management; Customer Service and Retention; Product Support, Repair and Helpdesk; IT Support Services; Data Analytics and Unified Technologies platforms. Optimum CX also provides contact center assessments, planning and implementation services based a proven methodology combining experience and knowledge with high-quality standards.
Having once been a start-up company ourselves, we understand that brands need more than just a standard contact center. In the world of outsourcing solutions, one size does not fit all. Companies need a contact center that is the “right fit” for their organizational style, strategy, budget and brand. Creating the best customer experience begins with evaluating if our solutions are the most effective option for a prospective partner. By conducting thorough discovery before any contract is signed or project is started, we first make sure that we are the right fit center for your company. Our evaluation methods, research and partner selection process brings through a select group of companies to focus on and dedicate our talent and resources to. Our goal has never been to be the biggest call center or have the most amount of “seats” around the globe, there are plenty of call center providers who want to corner that market. Our goal has simply been to offer the best customer experience on every connection we make and to do that we have to be dedicated, committed and focused on you.
We utilize some of the most advanced contact center technology platforms in the industry to provide the foundation required for our highly personalized integration approach. Some of the key capabilities your business will benefit from include, but are not limited, leading telephony and data switching platform with complete redundancy, unified cloud communication enterprise, extensive CRM integration, 100% recording and encryption of calls and unparalleled contact center data analysis, reporting and intelligence. We adapt to your business IT requirements and systems to simplify connections between our center and your business, delivering outstanding customer experiences.
To put it simply, we are serious about service. For us, customer experience is not an afterthought – it is our guiding principle. We keep your business and brand at the forefront of everything we do. If you have been in the call center business you know that there are hundreds of call centers who say they are the best but in truth they turn out to just be average at best or worse. We are different from the pack. It’s the difference in our size, people, principles, process and technology that make us am optimal choice. And if those are aren’t enough reasons to choose us, here are a few more. Optimum CX is:

A privately held, nimble organization with no red tape

Based in the USA, located in Reno, Nevada and very easy to get to

Right-sized facility (200 seats vs. 1,000 seats) to provide personalized care

Tightly managed, operating within a high-quality service culture

Structured on flat management practices to ensure executive involvement

Transparent, providing real-time view into reporting, staffing, hiring, and anything else you’d want to know

Flexible and able to take an entrepreneurial approach, offering various compensation models to ensure “win-win” partnerships.


Optimum CX customizes and delivers U.S. based call center services and business process outsourcing solutions, including top quality voice, email, chat, mobile and social customer service, sales and technical support.

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