Our Locations

Easy to work with, easy to manage

We took the first call from our Reno, Nevada facility in Spring of 1999. From then until now, we haven’t looked back.

Starting with a small team of customer experience champions, we have kept our eye on the future and now Optimum CX has built a growing business around the knowledge that every customer contact is an opportunity to create memorable connections that build brand loyalty.

Reno offers a large, diverse, multilingual talent pool. With the tech boom, bringing companies like Apple and Tesla to our city, Reno has grown and is been able to lure highly educated, technologically savvy talent. We selected Reno, Nevada in part because of this. It is only a few hours drive from the Bay Area and is well equipped for travel from any large city.

We enjoy personally interacting with our clients and encourage you to come visit us and see our operation in action. While you’re here, see why Reno, Nevada has consistently ranked among the “Top 100 best places to live” by Livability.com and boasts some of the best tourist attractions. Known as “The Biggest Little City in the World,” Reno draw thousands of tourists, sports enthusiasts and nature lovers, but the city's economy has broadened to include tech-based companies and entrepreneurial startups.

Our center is the ideal location for companies who want the care and convenience of five-star service without the challenges of working with large outsourcing centers.