Real Customer
Interaction Intelligence


Measure, manage and understand the information that drives your business.


Across all industries, businesses and departments, massive amounts of customer interaction data is merely being stored rather than used. At OptimumCX, we optimize data to better understand your customer experience, uncover ways to make more meaningful connections and identify new growth opportunities.


We always measure what we do and do more than the standard contact center reports. The days of having to request data only to end up with endless Excel reports that take up too much of your time and often don’t match up are over. Gone is the need for multiple spreadsheets, pivot tables and mountains of paper to produce real analytics.


At OptimumCX, our speech and interaction analytics software is at the center of our Voice of the Customer methodology. What once would take hours to generate meaningful insight can be done in just minutes. Learn what all your customers, not just a few, are saying about your business, product service and brand.


Now is the time to visualize data differently, gain insight and take intelligent action through analytics. Our data analytics solution easily enables us to combine your data from any number of different sources, into one platform and present it in an easy to use interface to create dashboard and real-time reports with custom dimensions for better decision making.

With OptimumCX, any user, using any web-enabled device, can quickly and easily create meaningful reports and share insights with others. We can integrate workforce management, quality evaluation, scheduling, PBX, chat and call data into a single stream and deliver real-time data access to maximize efficiency, adjust programs in real-time, allocate future staffing resources and realize optimized value.

Our contact center analytics and reporting solutions:

  • Makes data more actionable.
  • Increased agent utilization.
  • Helps resolve issues efficiently and effectively.
  • Saves time and money in data analysts workload compiling information.
  • Improves both the representative and supervisor experiences with a real-time window.
  • Provides predictive behavior with the ability to separate and compare historical data points.
  • Analyzes almost 100% of customer interactions – rather than the industry standard of less than 2%.
  • Provides actionable strategies to create improved customer experience.

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