Bringing Operational Excellence to your Enterprise

There are hundreds of call centers out there. Ours stand out from the crowd because we put our partners and their customers at the center of all we do, and we passionately believe that great customer experiences drive great business outcomes. We build the kind of experience that people remember and are moved by. We know what customers want and we know how to build programs that matter to help our clients’ businesses grow and maintain profitability.

For close to 25 years, we have been providing superior outsourcing customer care and support to clients with highly visible private and public consumer brands in a diverse variety of industries, from utilities and communications to technology and entertainment. Our solutions are focused on unparalleled service, leading technology and added value.

We are:

  • A privately held, nimble organization with no red tape
  • Right-sized facility (200 seats vs. 1,000 seats) to provide personalized care
  • Tightly managed, operating within a high-quality service culture
  • Structured on flat management practices to ensure executive involvement
  • Transparent, providing real-time view into reporting, staffing, hiring, and other critical operations
  • Flexible and able to take an entrepreneurial approach, offering various compensation models to ensure “win-win” partnerships.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been based in Reno, Nevada since 1999. Reno offers a large, diverse, multilingual talent pool. With the tech boom, bringing companies like Apple and Tesla to our city, Reno has grown and is been able to lure highly educated, technologically savvy talent. We selected Reno, Nevada in part because of this. It is only a few hours drive from the Bay Area and is well equipped for travel from any large city.
We utilize some of the most advanced contact center technology platforms in the industry, from leading telephony and data switching platforms to unified cloud communications and unparalleled contact center data analysis and reporting.
Unlike larger contact center structures, where training and QA are standardized, our approach is to tailor training programs and QA processes to your business needs and desired brand experience.
With meaningful methodologies and metrics: CSAT, NPS, CES and First Call Resolution scores are more than numbers to us. They are critical components in determining the quality and journey of your customer experience. We dedicate a substantial amount of time, training and resources to ensure that we exceed critical quality metrics and business KPI’s.